Lymphatic drainage cannot be used for patients, men and women, who suffer from low blood pressure, acute infections, phlebitis, thrombosis, cardiac failure, bronchial asthma, hyperthyroidism, carotid sinus syndrome and people suffering from malignant tumors.

Some surgeries will benefit by combining lymphatic drainage massage, and cavitation therapy with radio-frequency therapy. After some surgeries, the body may also accumulate liquids which can harden and form a fibrosis. Radio-frequency therapy will help to prevent or breakdown an existing fibrosis. The best results are seen in patients who consume a healthy diet and engage in exercise. If a patient has had more than one cosmetic surgery additional post-surgery massage therapy will be needed. Post-surgical massage therapy is usually one to one. Any machine is NOT included in the post surgery massage is extra charge. 


Tummy Tuck/ Abdominoplasty
- 45 Min.

It is recommended to combine lymphatic drainage massage, cavitation therapy and radio-frequency therapy when treating a post-surgery tummy tuck. Fibrosis is common after a tummy tuck procedure, and post-surgical massage therapy can prevent the formation of a fibrosis and help to eliminate existing fibrosis.  Radio-frequency therapy will also help to stimulate the body’s tissue to promote healing. Cavitation therapy will help to break up excessive fat cells and aid in the lymphatic drainage process.  Combining these three treatments will help patients regain elasticity in their skin and regain skin sensitivity. Deep pressure is applied to the abdomen. Lymphatic drainage massage will help eliminate fluid buildup due to the result of surgery. This treatment is effective in reducing scarring, swelling, pain, bruising and reduce the time needed for a complete recovery. 

 8-10 treatments are needed, treatment should occur twice a week 

Liposuction - 45 Min.

Lymphatic drainage massage, cavitation therapy and radio-frequency therapy are combined to treat post-liposuction procedures.  The combination of these three treatments will help reduce the buildup of fluids due to surgery, speed recovery time, help manage pain, and reduce scarring, inflammation and bruising.   Deep, constant pressure is applied to help the lymph nodes expel excessive fluids.  Fibrosis is common in liposuction procedures and radio frequency therapy will help to prevent the formation of a fibrosis and will help to eliminate an existing fibrosis.  Cavitation therapy will target the excessive fat cells and assist in the lymphatic drainage process.    

6 treatments are needed, treatment should occur twice a week 

Brazilian Butt Lift
- 45 Min.

 Lymphatic drainage massage and cavitation therapy and help to stimulate the circulatory system to help reduce swelling and inflammation. With these treatments recovery time, pain, scarring and bruising will be reduced.  It is best to follow your doctor’s recommendation regarding sitting, but the patient should avoid sitting for 3 to 6 weeks, wear compression garments and limit the time that they sit to 10-15 minutes at a time. Patients should also sleep on their stomach or their side while recovering.  

3 treatments are needed, 2 treatments the first week and one treatment the following week 

Breast Augmentation
- 45 Min.

Lymphatic drainage and cavitation are used to help reduce muscle spasms and reduce the possibility of capsular contracture. The body needs to adjust to the new implants. Capsular contracture is a possible side effect from breast augmentation surgery, this is the process of scar tissue forming around the breast implant and over time the scar tissue can shrink and harden. This does not occur in all woman.  Massage therapy after breast augmentation will also help to diminish scarring, reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. 

3 treatments are needed

Breast Lift and Breast Reduction - 45 Min.

 Lymphatic drainage massage and cavitation therapy are used to help stimulate the breast’s tissue and increase circulation to promote healing, reduce inflammation, swelling diminish scarring, reduce bruising and pain. This treatment will help breasts recover optimally after surgery.

4-6 treatments are needed, treatment should occur twice a week