Biolifting - $200


This is a non-invasive face lift treatment. Youth and vitality will be restored to your face with this non-invasive, micro-current treatment. A very low electrical current will help firm tired skin, reduce puffiness, reduce sagging and double chin. You will notice results after one treatment. 

Radio Frequency Facial - $350


 This non-invasive face lift uses Radio Frequency technology (RF) to promote skin tightening. The RF penetrates the deep layers of the skin and will stimulate collagen production. The RF procedure will help to tighten the jaw line, eye area, neck, forehead, cheeks and eye brows helping to reduce facial sagging. 

Slimming Lipo Light Treatment - $300


The Lipo light is a low level laser that is used to absorb individual fat cells. This process helps to permanently shrink fat cells & results in inches lost. This only targets fat cells & does not affect blood vessels or peripheral nerves. The fat cells are transported through the lymphatic system where are metabolized during exercise. For the best results we recommend having a Lymphatic drainage massage with this treatment, the price of which is not included. 

Microdermabrasion - $120


This non-surgical process gently re-surfaces the skin using a diamond tip. This exfoliation process will help to treat enlarged pores, scarring, fine lines, uneven skin tones, pigmentation, & prematurely ageing skin.  

Ultrasound Treatment Facial - $70


Ultrasound technology, combined with moisturizing plant based extracts will penetrate your skin and improve micro-circulation.  Your skin will look radiant. This technique will energize your skin and provide immediate and long-term hydration. Special care is given to dry, rough and delicate skin. 

Buttocks Lifting - $140



Massage and vacuum therapy are combined

to help firm and sculpt your buttocks. This treatment uses the elements of hand suction, vacuum and massage to stimulate and sculpt your buttocks muscles.


Cavitation Treatment - $250


This treatment uses ultrasound and radio frequency (RF) to help liquefy fat cells so that they can be removed by the lymphatic system.  This treatment can be combined with lymphatic drainage treatment to achieve faster results. 

Post Surgery Massage - $140


This treatment helps to eliminate swelling and bruising after any surgery by stimulating the lymphatic system and increasing circulation, this helps the body to release toxins and water retention. Massage therapy helps to diminish numbness by stimulating nerve endings.